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Presenting Our 2023 Programs

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Watch Our Final Performances

Award Recipiants

Phoenix InD. A

Miss Congeniality: Kailyn Eden

Motor Mouth: Theo Eborall

Rookie of The Year: Kailyn Eden

Most Improved: Nico Callahan

Performer of the Year: Ashton Rice

Honorary Captains: Alyssa Khoury

Phoenix InD. OPEN

Miss Congeniality: Madie Clum

Motor Mouth: Mercedes Julien

Rookie of The Year: Shideezhi McDarment

Most Improved: Paige Hartman

Performer of the Year: Nick Bolger

Honorary Captains: Nick Bolger and Madie Clum

Rock Solid: Abby Tucker

5 Year Awards: Anndrea Bertke

Age Outs:  Anndrea Bertke, MaryLouise Bowers, and Tyler Stump

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2023 Open Members

2023 A Members